Investigation of Title (Land /Flat)

The investigation is carried out broadly to ensure that the property is indeed in the name of the person selling, is free from liens, mortgages and encumbrances, that the property tax has been fully paid up to date and that the property is not engaged in any legal conflicts. The owner of the property/land has to prove this satisfactorily or else there is no chance at all that any buyer/creditor would take the risk & invest his funds. Generally Client relies upon advocate's report on title. Advocate report on title is based on scrutiny of records available in various Government departments. Client is required to pay some fee in advance to advocate and some times it becomes essential to pay token money to the seller and also to middle man. It is therefore essential to have fair idea of the basic knowledge of the land /Flat before selecting it.

The properties belonging to Individuals, Hindu Undivided Family, Firms, Private &/or Public Limited Companies, Joint Ventures, Trusts, Public Charitable Trusts, Co-operative Housing Societies etc are dealt as per provisions of the concerned land laws. Therefore one common procedure for title investigation can not be adopted. Here we investigate the title till we reach “Root of the Title”. Once we are satisfied about the title of the land/property Owners, we advice our clients to proceed further in the matter.